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Enrollment Application

BSB has a lot to offer those who enroll.  From DIY manuals, to enhanced live courses that give you more one-on-one teacher interaction, program is designed to bring the best of in-person schooling into the comfort of your own home.

Not only that, but our 100% online, courses are self-paced, so the only one you have to keep up with is yourself! 

Our program offers:

  • Self-paced, customized learning plans, so you can create a school schedule that fits your learning style best

  • Proven curriculum taught from a business owners perspective

  • Flexible enrollment – enroll any time throughout the year!

  • Around-the-clock access to courses

  • Academic, administrative, and technical support

  • Certified supporting staff

  • FREE products such as; logos, business registration, domain, and other products given for free when you enroll 

  • Direct access for support in business and financial services.

  • Courses include:​​

    • How to Incorporate your Business​

    • How to Build Business Credit

    • How to Buy a Car

    • How to Buy a House

    • How to protect yourself from Identity Theft

    • How to build the perfect credit

    • How to report your own business tradelines

    • How to become a Data Furnisher

    • How to file business taxes

    • Vendors that report to the credit bureaus

    • Joining the best Business Market Places

    • How to write a Business Plan/Pitchdeck/Press Release

  • FREE products include:

    • Free domain​

    • Free hosting (one-year)

    • Free business email

    • Free business logo design

    • Free landing page

    • *Free Business Registration

    • Free Tax ID

    • Free DUNs number

    • Free Business Profile (submitted to D&B, Experian Business, and Equifax Business)

    • Free Business phone number (one-year)

    • Unlimited email support

    • 1 hour live consultation

    • Free credit consultation (6 months) 

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